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1) Bank Master can be created four ways :

i) When entering Customer/Vendor master records or in the customizing for house banks.

ii) Using the create bank transaction in the accounts payable/receivable master data menu.

ii) The bank directory can be imported from disk/tape using program RFBVALL_O.

iii) Customers using lock box function can create a batch input session that automatically updates customer banking information in the master records.

2) Bank key contains - Bank Master data contains Bank name, Region (State), Address

3) Bank key is assigned to a house bank.

4) GL a/c code is assigned to the house bank along with Account id.

5) Steps to create – House bank

i) Create bank master with bank key (E.g. – 01)

ii) Create House bank (E.g. – ICICI) – Enter House bank id, Country, Bank key, Contact person + telephone numbers.

iii) Create bank a/c – Enter House bank id already created (It will take bank address from already assigned bank key to that house bank id), Bank id (E.g. SB), Description (E.g.-Savings bank a/c), Bank a/c no, Currency, G/L a/c.

iv) Change G/L a/c – in tab -create/bank/interest, enter house bank id and Account id.


(a) Create -Bank key,

(b) Create house bank id and add bank key.

(c) Create bank a/c with Account id and assign GL a/c.

(d) Modify G/L a/c and assign House bank+Account id.

6) For every bank a/c G/L account must be created. This G/L account is assigned to the bank a/c and vice versa. Both accounts have to have the same account currency.

7) In the Customer/Vendor master record, the field “Bank Type” is used to distinguish between different banks.

8) Using the house bank id and the bank types the payment program determines the banks to be used.

9) Each bank a/c is reflected in the SAP system by a combination of house bank ID and account ID (bank type).

10) The bank group is used for classifying banks. The key is freely assignable. The aim of classification is to group banks together in such a way that payment transactions within a group can be carried out as fast as possible (payment optimization).

11) The SWIFT code is used for identifying banks in international payment transactions.

12) Every bank master record is identified by the bank country and bank key.


Anonymous said...

Hi Azgar i have seen ur blog .. it is really interesting.. i am from IT background and have 2yrs experience and going to do my MSc in UK which can give me an option to become business analyst (BA). but i am interested in finance oriented career...can sap fico helps me on this to get a job in finance side just with sap certificate that too without experience in finance...i would appreciate your comments on this...

Azgar said...

Hi Sandya,

You need to know basic accounting to learn SAP, then on you can catch up while learning SAP and while working on different projects.
Certification does help you a lot in job growth. If you are residing in India, then you can join SIEMENS for certification.

Hope I answered your question.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your valuable comments,,,So i will start learning basics in accounts prior to joining..Suggest me some books for that that once i am confident with the basics will go for certification...and one more clarification i am seeing in quite some blogs like company prefers SAP analysts should be familiar in all aspects say marketing finance DB concepts etc as well.. how far it is true in your opinion???

Tony said...

Good blog.

You can load bank information straight into Master Data using transaction BAUP.

You can get the data from here:

Hope this helps

Devid said...

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Abhishek Sharda said...

Hi Azgar, I am doing SAP in FI module through OLTP from Yash Technologies. I am a fresher and going to give my certification on 28th of June. Can you please tell me how should I study for the same? Secondly, many people say that there are no openings for freshers in SAP. How should I look for jobs and design my resume in the same?

Narayana said...

Hi Azgar, I am on the way in learning SAP FICO. Really nice to go through your blog. I got lot of information and lot of learning. I request you to continue with the updates, so that it can helps to learners. Thank you very much. -Narayana.

Iwan Siahaan said...

Hai Azgar,

Its Nice to read your blog about Bank Account.
May i ask you a question aroung Bank Account in SAP ?
I've 3 company codes with same fiscal years, Chart of Account, Controlling Area, and Depreciation Area.
Can i use same House Bank BCAHO) for bank BCA in 3 CoCd with different Account ID for 3 CoCd ?

Best regards,

Iwan Siahaan

arumugam said...

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Thanks for sharing great information in your blog. Got to learn new things from your Blog . It was very nice blog to learn about